Staycation Inspiration

Staycation Inspiration

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From dreamy design projects that evoke a year-round holiday at home to simple ideas on how you can transform your space into a luxurious haven, this curated round-up of online stories will inspire you to elevate everyday rituals and embrace the slow life in comfort and style. 

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Life/Style Migration: Satisfying a desire for a simpler life

A craving for a slower pace has brought about a geographical and cultural shift, with many moving away from cities for a fresh perspective. Travelling from cosmopolitan capitals to the countryside or coast, these tree and sea-changers are bringing their contemporary sensibilities and taking a digital detox to create space for what feels meaningful and authentic.  


Hosting Essentials: Thoughtful touches to make guests feel at ease  

Whether it’s a beautifully presented table setting, a soothing, sensory bathroom or an inviting bedroom layered with soft and textural pure linen, a few thoughtful touches can go a long way in elevating everyday spaces to make visitors feel luxuriously at home. 


Holiday at Home: Dreamy design projects that evoke a year-round vacation

From a playfully reimagined barn in the Byron Bay hinterland to a Mediterranean-inspired haven overlooking Sydney's Pittwater, these dreamy design projects share a common thread – a thoughtful layering of rich textures and earthy hues that invite relaxed living and offer the feeling of a luxurious, year-round vacation.


Making A House A HomeLocation: @riverfieldhomestead I Styling: @bellebrightproject I Photography: @marniehawson I Published: @countrystylemag 

Making a House a Home: Styling tips for creating a home haven 

While we can appreciate a perfectly curated interior, the most welcoming homes are often a natural extension of the people who live there, reflecting our everyday lives and offering a calm and familiar retreat from the busyness of the outside world. Here are two of our favourite styling tips for a warm and inviting home you’ll look forward to returning to. 


Elevated Accessories: Pure linen touches to inject style and comfort 

When it comes to imbuing your home with luxurious warmth and comfort, some small yet carefully chosen pieces can have a big impact. From an elegant cushion in your living space to a sumptuous towel in the bathroom, elevate any room with these pure linen accessories.