Flocca Body Cushion: A stylist's go-to

Flocca Body Cushion: A stylist's go-to

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With its relaxed elegance and generous proportions, it's easy to see why our Flocca Linen Body Pillow is favoured by stylists and designers alike. This HMCo. all-rounder instantly finishes a simple bedscape, sitting effortlessly alongside two standard pillows and leaving no need for additional decorative cushions. 

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Whether your interior style is country, coastal, classical or minimal, our extensive signature palette offers the perfect hue for your space. Choose from warm, light neutrals, soothing blues and greys, or make a style statement with earthy pink Rosa or golden Maiz – our classic, understated colours are designed to mix and match with ease. 

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Not only popular with stylists due to its aesthetic appeal, our body pillow is a family favourite, making it a luxurious yet functional addition to any space in your home. Rather than being confined to the bedroom, this all-rounder works wonderfully in the living areas when placed on the sofa or along the back of a window seat, and is large enough to snuggle up with on the floor with a book or to have on hand for casual gatherings. 

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The extra-long pure linen pillowcase of our body pillow is finished with a double stitch hem, beautiful hand-tufted edges, and secured with a hidden closure. Removable, easy-care covers require no more than a simple machine wash and medium tumble dry to maintain their sumptuous softness and texture. 

Flocca Linen Body Pillow in ArgentFlocca Linen Duvet in MareFlocca Linen Flat Sheet in ArgentFlocca Linen Pillowcase in Mare

Our Flocca Linen Body Pillow makes a thoughtful and practical gift idea for those who prefer a high-end look without overloading on accessories such as scatter cushions. It has also proved an in-demand essential during pregnancy, offering superior comfort and back support. Featuring the same classic, textural appeal as our entire pure linen collection, our body pillow is designed to layer effortlessly into your interior scheme.