Our Philosophy

The HMCo. Difference

Our approach to our luxury linen is simple: it should always look beautiful with minimal care. Designed for easy living and relaxed in nature, our pieces are pre-washed and softened to achieve an exquisite patina and tactility that becomes more desirable with each wash. Our collection has been thoughtfully designed with a classic colour palette that will mix and match effortlessly, allowing our customers to invest in timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Our range of sizes and styles offers something to suit any interior look, with details such as our trademarked Flocca signature hand-tufted edging lending elegance and textural appeal to every space in your home. From adaptable neutrals to rich, earthy hues, each colour has been carefully chosen to transcend trends and ensure our heirloom-quality linen can be layered seamlessly into your existing scheme.


European Heritage

In searching for the secret to making superior linen that met our standard for texture, softness, colour and durability, it was discovered that true luxury linen is best made from individually dyed fine linen yarns. Where most linen bedding today is piece dyed in an effort to contain costs, we set out determined to find the perfect yarn that would offer us rich, lasting colour beyond compare. Our items follow an ancient method where spools of yarn are individually dyed to ensure deep, richer colours that last, as well as a stunning and unique melange effect. 

It was decided to set up a base in our much-loved European hideaway of Riga, the capital of Latvia, where we committed to making our linen as captivating and endearing as the ancient city itself. We were fortunate enough to find a group of incredibly talented artisans, each one accustomed to producing for the Scandinavian market, that could fulfil our desire for quality. And so the story goes, our household linen and bedding were born from the collaboration between divine yarn and brilliant craftsmanship.