Making a House a Home

Making a House a Home

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While we can appreciate a sleek and perfectly curated interior, it is often true that the most welcoming homes are a natural extension of the people who live there, reflecting our everyday lives and offering a calm and familiar retreat from the busyness of the outside world. Here are two of our favourite styling tips to make your house a warm and inviting haven that you’ll look forward to returning to. 

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Create a vignette

Spaces in your home that are transition points between living zones, such as a hallway, stair landing or alcove, can be elevated with a simple vignette. In interior design, a vignette refers to a grouping of ornamental objects brought together to make a beautiful personal statement. This might be a collection of picture frames, ceramics and candles on a mantlepiece, or it could be designed on a slightly larger scale with an arrangement of textiles, furniture and decor that gives depth and interest to the corner of a room. In essence, a vignette can be thought of as a clustering of your favourite things to create a little ‘scene’.


While many vignettes may look thrown together, there are a few important elements that can help them to appear beautifully balanced. These include:

        • Starting with a key furniture piece such as an armchair or console and building out smaller items around it 
        • Bringing in a grounding textural element, for example, a rug under the armchair, a gentle complementary wallpaper (this is best applied in an alcove where the wallpaper is boxed into one area) or a grasscloth console. Curtains or drapes also help to soften edges, framing your vignette and drawing the eye up
        • Introducing wall art or a mirror to balance the hierarchy of the space
        • Setting the tone with ambient lighting, whether it be a table lamp, floor lamp or an appropriately positioned pendant lamp or sconce.
          Double Crush Throw in Armee

          ncorporate soft furnishings
      • One of the most important elements to creating a cosy home is soft furnishings, which can be introduced through scatter cushions, throws and blankets in an interesting combination of fabric materials. Not only do they look wonderfully inviting, but they also serve a practical purpose by adding warmth and comfort. 

        Decide whether you wish to include a pattern in your scheme, for example, a plaid cushion, and balance its presence with a plain cushion in a complementary hue that also complements the furniture it's placed on. Also, consider the fabric – tight weave linen used in bedlinen, cushions or on a couch can be enhanced when layered with a more textural element such as a loose weave linen throw, a highly textural fabric or finish such as velvet, wool boucle or alpaca, or with knit or pattern weaves.