Shop our Style: Tempest Sunset

Shop our Style: Tempest Sunset

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Reminiscent of the setting sun, our latest pure linen look takes inspiration from the gentle glow of dusk. An elegant palette of sun-bleached Carmel and rich Russo imbues a subtle and inviting warmth to your bedding scheme in all seasons, while earthy pink Floss lends a delicate, cloudlike softness. Tempest, our mid-toned charcoal hue, evokes the moody night sky and provides a grounding contrast.

Flocca Linen Cushion in Floss I Basix Stripe Pillowcase in Carmel/Tempest

Our Flocca pure linen bedding in this versatile palette is the perfect complement to this classic-meets-contemporary residential project by Edwina Glenn, where high-end finishes and handcrafted details come together to create a considered urban retreat. The pared-back master bedroom features a fitted sheet and pillowcases in Floss, layered with our pure linen duvet cover in Carmel to add warmth to a cool grey palette. 

Texture-rich linen bedding in twilight tones provides the perfect contrast to this moody, tonal space, with our generous Flocca Linen Blanket in Russo introducing visual warmth and tactile appeal alongside a charcoal bedhead and a smooth marble fireplace mantel. This adaptable colour combination can be styled to imbue texture and femininity, and at the same time, the understated tones and subtle, hand-tufted accents achieve simplicity and sophistication.

Flocca Linen Blanket in Russo

Photographer Mary Quincy perfectly captures the essence of our Tempest Sunset palette in her series depicting the Tuscan countryside. Warm light casts a soothing glow over the golden wheatfields, while shadows formed across the rolling hillside create a dramatic contrast of mid-grey to deep charcoal that offset the luminous pink sky. This layering of cool and warm tones creates depth and interest, working just as beautifully in the bedroom as in nature.

@ad_magazine I Tuscany, Italy I Photography: @mary_quincy