Warm Neutrals

Warm Neutrals

Warm Neutrals

Introducing warm, earthy tones to your home creates a sense of calm and comfort, and this muted, natural palette works beautifully in any interior scheme. Create balance by taking a tonal approach, beginning with our signature neutrals of Petra, Ayrton and Sable as a light, fresh base for rich, decadent layers of Russo, Carmel and Brun. Complete the look with an accent of Maiz, our washed-out gold hue, as a finishing touch.

Architecture: @pleysierperkins I Interior: @dsandersandking I Photography: @sharyncairns. Featured: Flocca Linen Pillows in Russo and Maiz, Flocca Linen Blanket in Russo, Flocca Linen Flat Sheet in Sable

This tonal transition has been beautifully achieved at Armadale House, a Victorian home restoration project featuring architecture by Pleysier Perkins and interiors by Sanders & King. In the bedroom, our Flocca linen duvet, pure linen sheets and pillows in Sable provide a light, neutral foundation for Carmel-hued pillows and a complementary pairing of cushions in Russo and Maiz, while our generous Flocca Linen Blanket in Russo adds a final luxurious layer when draped over the end of the bed. 

Flocca Linen Flat Sheet in Sable

At Graceville House, a playfully adapted Federation bungalow by Wrightson Stewart, the use of warm, natural tones and cosy textures imbue a grounded elegance to the home’s pared-back spaces. A feeling of soft, handcrafted luxury carries through to the bedroom, where our Flocca sheets and blanket in sandy Sable bring understated warmth to a predominantly white palette, while our Basix Sable/Brun stripe pillows ease the transition between light and dark hues. 

Greville House I Interior: @wrightson_stewart I Photography: @koskphotography. Featured: Basix Stripe Pillowcase in Sable/BrunFlocca Linen Flat Sheet in Sable, Flocca Linen Blanket in Sable

Richer tones are particularly effective in the bathroom, a typically minimal space with smooth finishes and a simple colour scheme. Our Flocca pure linen towel range in Russo has been thoughtfully chosen by The Repose, a charming boutique accommodation in Dubbo, to introduce warmth and texture to its light-filled bathroom. In fitting with the rest of this refined cottage, our towels lend an artisan touch and create a rich, sensory experience.

HMCo linen via: @the_repose I Interior: @jemima_aldridge I Photography:  @leantimms. Featured: Flocca Linen Bath Towel in Ayrton, Flocca Linen Hand Towel in Russo.