Focus on Maiz

Focus on Maiz

Basix Linen Bedskirt in Maiz, Flocca Linen Flatsheet in Maiz, Basix Linen Coverlet in Ayrton

Offering gentle optimism and a soft, ambient glow, Maiz lends playful yet timeless colour to your home. As part of our signature range of classic, muted hues, this washed-out gold is perfect for imbuing spaces with year-round warmth and pairs just as beautifully with fresh, bright whites as it does with a rich, tonal palette

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The mustard gold of Maiz can make a bold statement or layer seamlessly into an earthy, understated scheme, adapting with ease to suit many different interior styles. Luxurious and radiant, Maiz offers a complementary balance to natural, organic textures and finishes such as timber, wool and rattan, as well as imbuing warmth and vibrancy to a cool grey backdrop of stone and marble.

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This iconic hue makes a recurring appearance in fashion and interior design, with a long history dating back to ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians and Romans who used gold extensively in their art and architecture. Gold leaf was often used to decorate buildings and statues, adding a sense of splendour while proving its timelessness, while modern designers are just as enamoured, featuring mustard gold tones in their collections to showcase its enduring style. 

Basix Linen Tutto Towel in Maiz

Maiz is available in an extensive range of products across our bedding, table linen and accessories collections. Create an inviting, layered bedscape with our signature Flocca sheet and duvet cover, or lend a luxurious touch to your bedroom or living space with a Maiz cushion or pillow. Tea towels, guest towels and table linen allow you to extend this radiant hue to every space in your home.