Style Siren Series - L’Atelier

Style Siren Series - L’Atelier

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We are always delighted and intrigued by the beautiful spaces that our pure linen collection goes to feature in. So much so that we have decided to bring you style and inspiration from those that we consider to be our Style Sirens.

This week we have our eye on L’Atelier, a light filled character apartment located in Daylesford, on the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.



Referencing Parisian style where vintage treasures are complemented with modern pieces, L'Atelier also honours the old world, country heritage that is the popular weekend getaway of Daylesford.

Located only an hour and a half out of Melbourne, but with the vibe of worlds away, Daylesford has long been known as a place of escape and rejuvenation, as well as its healing properties with its famous mineral waters.

L’Atelier is laden with charm and style, with the tasteful detail of the 1940’s style kitchen and heritage architectural features, the space has been thoughtfully considered for the needs of the guests. White walls and dark furniture is complemented and softened with the use of light timber, while sisal carpet gives warmth and insulation while maintaining the vintage aesthetic.



Each room has been considerately styled with vintage prints and artwork, delicate lighting and completed with the texture and tone only achieved with Hale Mercantile Co. pure linen bedding and linen accessories.



An emphasis has been placed on pure linen layering, by loosely overlapping and additions of mixed and matched linen cushions and pillows. The addition of our bold stripe line pillowcases is a nod to the old world, while the boldness of Russo adds a rich buzz that is often associated with the historic town.



L’Atelier would not be complete without the assistance of Bell Hemming-Bright on re-styling the property. Image credit, and captured perfectly by Danny Wooton Photography. 


The property can be booked through AirBnB or contact directly on 0408589520.