The Season For Entertaining

The Season For Entertaining

The dining table in any home is a place of communication and connection which we believe should exude a true sense of ‘home’.

Whether a time for celebration, entertaining during the festive season, or simply when the family takes a moment to come together at the end of a day, take the opportunity to create your own sense of style in the focal point of your home.

As the weather warms up and the yard comes alive to the tune of chirping birds, embrace the change and open your doors to friends and family. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy what culinary delights the change of season will bring!

Our entertaining table style is considered sophistication, enhanced with a nod to the pinks hues and tones that has been featuring heavily on the European summer tables.



Pure European Linen – it goes without saying, the functional and style staple of your table is the quality, pure linen tablecloths, runners and napkins. Be playful with hues of soft blush, paired with intensified pinks. Our choice of the season is our Rosa and Moro, complemented by accent colours of rich blue and greens, such as Armee or Fonda.



A touch of imperfection – the iconic handmade ceramic collection of Astier de Villatte will bring the perfectly-imperfect to your table. Centuries of artisans handiwork in each captivating ceramic piece. A must have indulgence.



Mismatched vessels – composition is the trick to incorporating different shapes and textures. Consider ripple vases or glasses paired with earthy stoneware or ceramics.




Coffee table books for the dining table – the magic of inspired food photography in the joy of a hardback recipe book, gracing your table. Cookbooks have transformed into artwork for your table.


Understated greenery – the finishing touches are the most accessible, located in your garden (or neighbour’s)! Forage for Eucalyptus branches, sheoak or pine foliage to delicately fill your table vase.