Hale Mercantile Co. and Porter's Paints

Hale Mercantile Co. and Porter's Paints

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Indulging in colour when styling or renovating need not be intimidating. Layering complementary or contrasting hues can completely transform the atmosphere of a room and by selecting the right tones, it can do more than create a beautiful aesthetic, it can also influence your emotion and character.

We are delighted to be featured in the new Smooth Impasto campaign by Porter’s Paints, which focuses on the transformative qualities of colour in interior styling. The brand has recently released an exquisite selection of rich colours in their range, which ‘drive to create spaces that reflect our individuality and personal expression,' says Porter’s Paints. With sumptuous colours ranging from ‘a rich Grenache tone to a verdant green, terracotta, burnished red’, we love the natural and textural finish that is only achieved with a quality paint such as Porter’s Paints.



Sharing like views of texture and sophistication and a nonpareil palette, our pure linen bedding features timelessly, incorporating the lush greens of Armee throughout our pure linen bedding with the romantic touch of Rosa. Styled to perfection by the talented Heather Nette King and shot flawlessly by Mike Baker.

Porter’s Paints and Hale Mercantile Co., a partnership like no other!

For more tips on how to combine the perfect colour ways by Hale Mercantile Co., view our ‘Shop our Style’ page for endless inspiration.