Pure Linen for Winter

Pure Linen for Winter

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While its breathability and lightweight feel make linen synonymous with summer, this luxurious fibre is also perfectly suited to the colder months. Featuring temperature-regulating properties that make it a natural insulator, our pure linen bedding is the ideal choice for effortless layering and a comfortable night's sleep year-round, with textural richness and a range of decadent hues to inspire a cozy winter retreat.  


Flocca edge detail on a Flocca Linen Pillow in Maiz


Pure linen is a great fuss-free choice for winter bedding, with most of our pure linen pieces requiring no more than a gentle machine wash and tumble dry. When the days are shorter and the nights colder, your pure linen sheets will quickly become an easy-care essential that will dry fast and, if cared for properly, last for years while remaining beautifully soft.

Flocca Flat Sheet Cal King in Bere used as a bedspread, with a Flocca Linen Blanket Bere and Crush Linen Throw in Brun.

The practical advantages of winter linen are matched by its aesthetic appeal, with rich colourways and textural depth making it a timeless, year-round staple. Linen bedding is one of the easiest ways to update the look and feel of your bedroom, whether it be a pure linen duvet cover in a new hue, a sumptuous quilt to lend a delicately embroidered detail, or the addition of a blanket or throw draped over your bed. 


Basix Linen Quilt in Sable.


Linen complements other natural materials such as sisal and wool, making it easy to design a cozy, textural haven to nurture you through winter. Visit 'Shop Our Style' to be inspired by indulgent winter pairings that can be layered up or down to suit the warmth required in all seasons.


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