Most Loved Looks

Most Loved Looks

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Flocca Linen Duvet in Moro, Flocca Linen Pillowcase in Rosa, Crush Double Throw in Moro/Floss

Black Forest

This look takes inspiration from the luxuriously indulgent Black Forest cake, a beloved German dessert rich in history and tradition. With an irresistible palette of Moro, Rosa and Bere adding depth to delicate, light hues of Petra, Ayrton and Sable, we've created a lavish, textural bedscape that evokes delicious layers of chocolate, cream and cherries and provides a timeless combination that works beautifully in many different interior styles. 

Flocca Linen Duvet in Nox, Flocca Linen Body Cushion in Brun, Flocca Linen Flat Sheet in Cep

Nordic Natural

Earthy and inviting, Nordic style takes inspiration from the region's rugged landscape. Textural, natural materials and a soothing, muted palette echo the outdoors, creating a seamless connection between cosy, grounding interiors and the surrounding environment. 

Flocca Linen Duvet in Sable, Flocca Linen Euro Pillowcase in Bere, Basix Linen Cushion in Sable/Brun

Tailored Approach

Achieving a look of timeless elegance calls for a balance of softness and structure, using considered styling and a few key pieces to elevate your home with comfort and detail. Starting with our signature classic neutrals such as light and sandy Sable, you can create a versatile foundation for a beautifully tailored look, with the subtle warmth of Carmel and rich accents of Brun and Bere providing tonal depth.

Basix Stripe Cushion in Sable/Nox, Flocca Linen Blanket in Elk, Basix Linen Coverlet in Ayrton, Double Crush Throw in Kali/Petra

Pure linen bedding is known for its rumpled, textural feel and relaxed sensibility, however, it can also offer a more tailored look with the right styling. Taking a considered approach to colours, patterns, weight and layering, you can achieve neat sophistication while still enjoying the signature laidback ease and luxurious tactility that makes linen so appealing. 

Double Crush Throw in Kali/PetraBasix Linen Quilt in Sable, Flocca Linen Cushion in Kali

Layers of Luxury

A luxurious pure linen look that becomes more sumptuous with every added layer. Spoil yourself with elevated essentials and experience pure linen luxury all year round.

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