Project Feature: Studio Esteta - Mornington Peninsula House

Project Feature: Studio Esteta - Mornington Peninsula House

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As a brand committed to quality craftsmanship and purposeful design, we felt an instant affinity with this considered refurbishment project by Studio Esteta, set against the stunning background of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

The thoughtful renovation of an existing Merchant Builders home celebrates the region's deep history and works harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Central to the space is a light-drenched living area, where glazed windows take in sweeping views of the property and create a fluid connection between the interior architecture and the natural beauty outside. The clever layout is complemented by a palette of warm timbers and textured stone and paving, with an acute attention to detail in both aesthetics and function seeing the project shortlisted as a finalist in the 2021 TDF + Laminex Design Awards.



Set in this raw environment and demonstrating a sensitive balance of rustic and refined, the rich, earthy tones of our Armee and Russo bedding proved to be the perfect fit for the project. Much like the way the palette and materials chosen by Studio Esteta mimic the textures and tones of the rolling paddocks and farmland, the deep khaki of our Armee bedding is reminiscent of lush, remote pastures. Evoking the calm of a wide and verdant landscape, the pairing of Armee with the rich rust tone of Russo imbues the bedroom with an effortless elegance that reflects its natural surroundings.



The spacious, rural home also features our pure linen range in the living area, where our Flocca Linen Cushion in Russo and our Crush Linen Throw in Brun blend in impeccably while adding a touch of luxurious comfort. A beautifully rich toffee tone, Brun's subtle melange offers a further layer of textural appeal to the room when draped loosely over the lounge.



With carefully selected finishes enriching the home with warmth and depth, this design project exemplifies an enduring style that is both modern and timeless.

For more information on the Mornington Peninsula House, visit Studio Esteta