Nine Perfect Strangers & Hale Mercantile Co.

Nine Perfect Strangers & Hale Mercantile Co.

It was a pleasure to work with the wonderfully talented Glen Johnson on the hit series, Nine Perfect Strangers, now streaming on Hulu, with the set decorator choosing Hale Mercantile Co linen to style the luxurious, light-filled bedrooms featured throughout the show.

Based on the novel of the same name by Australian author Liane Moriarty, whose bestselling book Big Little Lies was adapted for TV by HBO, the eight-part series stars Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy as well as numerous Australian actors including Asher Keddie and Samara Weaving.



The story is centred around luxury wellness retreat Tranquillum House, where things are not all as they seem. Masha, played by Nicole Kidman, is the retreat's intense yet unnervingly calm leader, while nine guests who have come for a 10-day stay in the hopes of healing their trauma and becoming the best version of themselves are guided and manipulated by the ethereal guru's questionable methods.




Although the series was originally set to take place amidst the stunning natural beauty of California's Big Sur, COVID-19 led to production company Made Up Stories (the same team behind Big Little Lies) relocating the cast and crew to Australia one month before they were due to start work. Filming then commenced at two picturesque properties in the Byron Bay hinterland – 22-acre wellness and yoga retreat Soma and sustainable timber plantation Lune De Sang.



The high-end set design received plenty of attention, with a write-up in Architectural Digest detailing the timber and glass interiors and lush, green landscape. In the article, Johnson describes the setting as having a 'mid-century modern meets zen vibe', while both locations were decorated with 'classic mid-century furnishings and lush linens' to soften up the spaces. The set also features locally made artwork and ceramics.


A relaxed, resort style is achieved by layering our signature Flocca range of bedding in various hues including the rich, earthy rust of Russo and the muted gold of Maiz, which fit seamlessly into Tranquillum's warm and serene rainforest surrounds. The bedroom of Melissa McCarthy's character, romance writer Frances, features our Flocca Linen Duvet Cover in Russo, with accents of Maiz and Brun, no doubt chosen strategically by Masha to evoke a deep and restorative night's sleep. Shop the Nine Perfect Strangers bedding set here.



In another scene, grieving mother Heather, played by Asher Keddie, rolls around in a bed layered with HMCo pieces in tones of Brun and Sable, enjoying the cool touch against her skin. 'These sheets are so good... They're really cool on my skin,' she says, and while it may be the psychedelics talking, we're pretty sure Asher would appreciate the sumptuous, tactile pleasure of pure linen in any setting. 

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