The Art of Gifting: The Little Things

The Art of Gifting: The Little Things

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The lead-up to Christmas can be a busy and exciting time, with social engagements, work events and family gatherings reminding us that the festive season is in full swing. If you’ve been thinking about what to gift your friends, colleagues, and unexpected guests, we have curated a collection of elevated essentials that are perfect for when you need a crowd-pleasing gift on hand.  


Tutto Linen Tea Towel - Tempest Melange

Tutto Linen Tea Towel

A gifting classic, the tea towel is a staple that every home needs. Beautiful and functional, our Tutto Linen Tea Towels are luxuriously soft and highly absorbent, complete with a woven linen ribbon for hanging. Blended with our signature Sable colour for a subtle melange finish, a choice of understated hues will work beautifully in any kitchen.


Flocca Linen Face Towels in Sable and Ayrton.

Flocca Linen Face and Hand Towels

Inspire a nurturing home ritual with our Flocca Linen Face Towel and Flocca Linen Hand Towel. Along with maximum softness and absorbency, our towels offer a rich, sumptuous texture that gently exfoliates and leaves the skin feeling invigorated. The perfect present for someone who needs to spoil themselves with a little everyday pampering.


Basix Linen Napkin in Petra featured in Inside Out magazine, styled by @tessthyregod

Basix Linen Napkins

Luxurious napkins are a practical indulgence that bring an inviting touch to any table setting. An ideal gift for the entertainer, a set of four to six napkins in warm, earthy shades will work beautifully in any interior scheme. Our handcrafted napkins are also machine washable, making them an easy-care gift that will bring everyday elegance to meal times.

HMCo Gift card

If you can’t decide on the perfect present, let your loved one choose with a HMCo gift card, which can be delivered to your email or to the recipient's email directly. You can also explore our Shop My Style gallery or visit us on Instagram for more gifting inspiration.

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