The Art of Gifting: Luxury

The Art of Gifting: Luxury

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We have curated a timeless selection of Hale Mercantile Co. show-stopping gestures. Whether for someone special or to treat ones self, these curated gifts are guaranteed to delight and will create memorable experiences at home.


Featuring: Basix linen Quilt in Sable, Crush Linen Throw in Argent and Linen in Mare, Argent and Sable hues.


Basix Linen Quilt

Crafted from fine Italian linen yarns, our sumptuous, texture-rich quilt is an all-season staple that will be treasured for many years to come. Our softened pure linen quilt features a delicately embroidered repeat embellishment and a simple seam edge, with generous sizing and a medium weight making this versatile piece ideal for layering, 



Via @byron_beach_abodes featuring: Flocca Linen Body Cushion in Brun.


Flocca Linen Body Pillow

Our adaptable Flocca Linen Body Pillow is an elegant combination of luxury and practicality that will bring comfort and style to a bedroom or living space. Extra long and finished with beautifully hand-tufted edges, our body pillow features a machine washable cover that can be easily changed for a fresh look as desired. 



Featuring: Flocca Linen Blanket in Russo, Crush Double Linen Throw in Armee/Sable and Bedding hues in Armee, Sable and Russo.


Flocca Linen Blanket

Crafted from a 100% pure linen and cotton blend, our Flocca Linen Blanket has a rich, boxed pattern that adds a luxurious textural layer to a bed or sofa. The generous size allows for a soft, sumptuous drape, while its medium weight and range of timeless colors make this piece adaptable to any season and bedroom scheme.



Featuring: Flocca Linen Bath Towel and Flocca Linen Hand towel in Russo.


Flocca Linen Towels

Luxurious essentials such as our sumptuous Flocca Linen Towels can transform a bathroom into a restorative sanctuary, with maximum softness, absorbency and durability for the bathroom or beach and rich textural appeal that will elevate the everyday. Wrap up a set of face, hand and bath towels for the ultimate bathroom indulgence.