Styling Bed Sizes

Styling Bed Sizes

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When it comes to achieving a balanced and inviting bedscape, one style does not necessarily suit every mattress size. Pillow and cushion configuration, deciding between a blanket or throw, or whether you should size up or down with your duvet are all common questions we hear. To help you find a look you'll love, we share some handy tips on choosing the right bedding and accessories for your double, queen, or king-size bed.

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Twin/Full Bed

When dressing a Twin or Full, sizing up to a queen-size duvet is a great way to make the bed appear more generous and provide better coverage on all sides. Keep your accessories simple, layering a throw at the end for luxurious texture and added warmth when needed, as well as one or two scatter cushions for interest. Flocca Linen Duvet in Cep, Flocca Linen Banket in Roy, Crush Linen Blanket in Brun, Flocca Linen Cushion in Moro, Basix Linen Stripe Cushion in Carmel/Tempest 

 Queen Bed

As the most common size, a queen bed can handle most pillow and accessories configurations with ease. Appropriate styling will come down to the bedroom space itself, so consider things like ceiling height or the width of a feature wall. Incorporating European pillows will help accentuate high ceilings, while standard pillows styled upright are best for a wider room. The most important aspect of styling a queen bed is duvet upsizing – a king duvet will provide far better coverage, enhancing both aesthetics and usability. An exception is where a low-profile bed base is used rather than an ensemble, in which case a queen duvet may be better, so be sure to measure how much side duvet drape you require.

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King Bed/California King Bed

Often the most tricky size to style due to its width, there are a number of little hints that will help style king beds perfectly. As with a queen bed, upsizing your duvet to a California king size is a great option for providing additional drop and length and overall coverage. It’s not as essential as a queen bed, however, as king-size duvets are far more generous. End-of-bed styling is an important aspect, and opting for a blanket, bedspread or coverlet is a much better option rather than a throw. While a throw might look flimsy and can get lost over the great expanse of a king or California king bed, a blanket will give greater coverage either draped side-to-side or over the end. You can still use a throw as a finishing layer to elevate the look with colour and texture. 

Flocca Linen Cushion in Moro, Flocca Linen Pillowcase in Russo, Double Linen Crush Throw in Moro/Floss, Flocca Linen Blanket in Russo

King pillows are an essential solution for creating balance and filling out width. These pillow inserts are not always easy to come by and certainly not always best for sleep needs, therefore this long profile pillow is best used decoratively at the back, against the wall or bedhead, with standard-size pillows in front. If your standard sleeping pillows are not particularly pretty, you can hide them behind the decorative king pillows, ready for bed, and style with two European pillows at the front. This will help to balance the elongation of the standard pillows with some height. Finish the look with a simple 50 x 50 cushion or our preferred choice, a luxurious body cushion.