Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean has long had an influence on the world of design, and it’s easy to see why. Synonymous with the good life, the region evokes leisurely days filled with sun and sea, a place rich in history, culture and tradition, and with a glorious climate that lends itself to a relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Rooted in centuries of life along one of the world’s most captivating coastlines, this look has classic appeal yet can be easily adapted in more contemporary ways.

Via @ad_magazine,Santorini, Greece. Photography @niallkelly18 

Homes in the Mediterranean are designed to complement their surroundings, with locally sourced stone and terracotta alongside woven baskets and handmade ceramics. A strong sense of craftsmanship pervades, and the overall sentiment is one of unhurriedness and embracing a slower pace. These homes are made to be lived in, with a focus on open, light-filled spaces, natural materials, and a connection to the outdoors.

Thankfully, channelling the carefree feeling of a summer vacation at home doesn't require an Italian villa or a Balearic island getaway. Architectural features aside, the essence of Mediterranean design has some key characteristics that are easy to achieve and work in almost any location, starting with a fresh, light palette. White-washed walls, stone, timber and render coupled with soft curves and organic shapes create a blank canvas to layer raw, tactile materials – clay, linen, rattan and terracotta – that imbue a handmade quality and fuse modern with traditional.


Via @ad_magazine - Photographer @matthieusalvaing

Finding a balance so that the look that doesn’t appear ‘themed’ means blending old with new, boho with minimalism. As the Mediterranean is such an eclectic mix of countries and cultures, an eclectic approach to design is key, allowing freedom to adapt this style to suit your interior scheme. There is a focus on pieces that combine functionality with beauty, making spaces highly liveable in a day-to-day environment while offering small moments of pleasure through pieces that elevate everyday routines.

In the luxurious, light-filled bathroom of Byron Beach Abodes, the classic dense waffle design of our Flocca Linen Bath Towels add textural appeal and warm contrast to a smooth, white palette reminiscent of classic Mediterranean style. Our pure linen towels make an easy addition to a Mediterranean-inspired scheme, with their breathability, absorbency and fast-drying properties ideal for warmer climates. Our Basix Linen Curtains, alongside a rain shower and freestanding bathtub, further add to the feeling of stepping into a spa-like sanctuary.


The loft bedroom in The Cabin. Via @byron_beach_abodes featuring: Flocca Linen Towels in Sable and Basix Linen curtains Sable.

The influence of the Mediterranean can also be seen in the effortlessly elegant home of celebrity fashion stylist Dani Michelle, whose clients include the Kardashians. Enlisting the help of high-profile designer Leanne Ford, this Los Angeles retreat has been transformed into a Mediterranean-inspired oasis that exudes barefoot glamour. The open living and dining area features exposed timber beams and white sanded grout swathed on stone walls, while vintage accents sit beside modern artifacts.


LA Home of Stylist Dani Michelle @danixmichelle Interiors: @leannefordinteriors
Photography: @amyneunsinger

In the bedroom, large windows dressed with sheer curtains allow natural light to pour in. Our Flocca Linen Blanket in light and sandy Sable is layered over our pure linen bedding in Ayrton, a classic antique white, as black accents including framed vintage artwork introduce a contemporary element that makes the space feel timeless and modern. Our pure linen bedding works beautifully in warmer climates, whether it be the Mediterranean, California or Australia, lending a soft and dry yet sumptuously textural feeling to your bedroom.


LA Home of Stylist Dani Michelle @danixmichelle Interiors: @leannefordinteriors
Photography: @amyneunsinger Featuring: Linen Bedding in Ayrton and Flocca Linen Blanket in Sable.