Marine Blues

Marine Blues

Flocca Linen Pillowcase in Roy & Bateau, Flocca Linen Duvet in Bateau, Flocca Linen Blanket in Roy

This cool, calming look takes inspiration from the rich depth of the ocean and the soft texture of sea foam, pairing Bateau, a deep navy melange with a subtle teal undertone, with the washed dusty cornflower blue of Roy. These classic hues will imbue a coastal serenity to your sleep space, with our new colourway Bateau featuring a subtle box weave melange that offers movement and depth.

 Flocca Linen Pillowcase in Roy & Bateau, Flocca Linen Duvet in Bateau

Best styled simply, this timeless combination can be pared back with a few thoughtful accessories such as a blanket or throw in a complementary hue. Keeping within the same tonal spectrum will help to create cohesion and allow the bold nature of Bateau to breathe, with Roy or the deep sea blue of Fonda offering the perfect sea-inspired scheme.

Flocca Linen Blanket in Roy

Balance blues and greys with either cool or warm accents, introduced with pillows or a textural throw, to inject freshness and lighten the overlook palette. A loose, fluid tuck will complete this look, imbuing laidback elegance and working beautifully in many different interior styles.