Tricks Of The Trade: Our Five Step Guide To Create The Perfect Bed

Tricks Of The Trade: Our Five Step Guide To Create The Perfect Bed

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Making your bed into a comfortable and calm retreat to rest, relax or rejuvenate requires time, luxurious textiles and careful craftsmanship. Your bed is the focal point of your room and we show you how to go beyond the plumping, straightening and rearranging to create a soothing sanctuary. Nothing beats climbing into a beautifully made bed at the end of the day (or a sneaky daytime nap!).




A bedhead instantly pulls the entire look together and becomes the focal point when layering pillows and cushions. A linen bed skirt will also complete your bed and along with a fitted sheet, are the basics with which to begin your collection. With the addition of a good quality feather pillow and duvet inserts, these essentials are the perfect pieces to begin building your perfect bed sanctuary. Keep the colour palette neutral with these pieces and you can begin to add colour and interest with sheets, pillowcases and other accessories.


Many people love the simplicity of an all-white bed but linen bedding is a good way to introduce pattern and colour into a room. It’s easy to change from one season to the next and can give your room a different look and feel each time. If you plan to inject some colour into your bedroom, it’s a good idea to add a pop of colour using items that are easily interchangeable such as stripe pillowcases, colourful cushions or throws. Our linen bedhead is a versatile option with a removable pure linen slipcover; allowing for a seasonal change at a whim. Sometimes just adding one colourful piece can make a bold statement.




You don’t want to overcrowd your bed with lots of pillows and decorative cushions but rather make it look relaxed and welcoming. European pillowcases are a good visual anchor to the bedhead and serve as support when propping yourself up to read. Keeping within your colour scheme, it’s good to work with different shapes and textures and it’s always a good idea to scale up a size with the duvet to create a more lavish look. If a relaxed, textural look is preferred layering your linen will add a sumptuous feel to your bedscape. Overlap pillows, set them at an angle or stack them to complement this look. Finish the arrangement with decorative pillows such as linen bolster cushions, smaller rectangular cushion in a print or stripe, longer body cushion or the ruffled edge of a Kristine European pillowcase. An artfully draped throw cascading to the floor, linen blanket or a ruched sheet will make for a dramatic bed dress while incorporating various design elements for a truly luxurious bed look.




If you prefer a neutral or monochrome look, it’s important to add texture to create a more interesting accent. Completing the look with a linen throw or blanket and mixing up textures will add another dimension. Finishes such as our Flocca edging embellish and add interest and texture and will add contrast to the simple hemmed finish of our Basix pillowcases.




Always buy the best linens you can afford. Linen is the perfect choice being a truly beautiful, natural product with an inherent timeless quality derived from flax. Its characteristics make it the perfect choice for luxury linen sheets and household linen. Flax is a wonderfully lustrous fibre many times stronger than cotton and its durability ensures our products are made to last. Natural fibres are the first choice in linen bedding allowing for breathability; keeping you cool and dry in summer and warm in winter. A true luxury linen is best made from individually dyed fine linen yarns and this process ensures colour fastness and a palette beyond compare. Superior quality linen is designed to be relaxed in nature and truly easy care; it should always look beautiful with a minimum of fuss. Perfect for easy living.

Nothing beats getting into a luxurious bed after a long day...