Indulge in pure linen sheets

Indulge in the luxury of our pure linen ethos. Masterfully crafted only in Europe.

The Hale Mercantile Co. passion for quality is backed by our policy to only source from the best of European craftsmanship. We believe that pure linen can only reach its potential through professional production that has been carried out through the ages in Europe. The process’ of spinning, dying, weaving and finishing linen are art forms in their own right and are paramount to producing quality of palette and texture that will last, as quality linen should. Explore our pure linen sheets and home wares collection.

Linen sheets made only with 100% European flax

Hale Mercantile Co. pure linen yarns are made from high quality long fibre French and Belgian flax. Our superior yarn quality is inherent in our weave through our incomparable texture and tone.

Flax is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. It is a great ambassador for environmental sustainability as it grows naturally, requires little or no fertilizers compared to other crops and does not require irrigation. It is kind on our earth and the natural strength of yarn produced from flax reduces the need for starching during the weaving process. This results in fewer chemicals being used. The natural qualities of flax make pure linen sheets the perfect non-allergenic choice.

Our pure linen sheets are softened to ensure luxurious comfort and to offer the appeal associated with being time worn. Pure linen fibres offer superior breathability in linen bedding products; keeping you cool and dry in summer and warm in winter.

Pure linen origin and production

To produce pure linen yarn, flax needs to first go through a highly specialised, intense and arduous process. And then it needs to be spun. It is at this point it can be now called linen. Linen is often described as being French to suggest it is of good quality, but in most cases such linen is produced outside of Europe from exported European flax. There are two indicators that can assist with assessing quality linen; price point and in some cases a products label.

In Australia we are fortunate to have very strict ‘place of origin’ regulations for labeling imports. It is worth noting that it is simply impossible to produce a true French, Belgian or any European quality linen cheaply.

A cheaper price point can indicate that the linen has been spun and woven in the East. Pure linen, produced in Europe from plant to yarn to fabric is not a cheap purchase. But quality European linen, if cared for properly, will always prove to be the better investment resonating in its durability of colour fastness and timeless texture.

How to style Hale Mercantile Co. pure linen sheets

Whatever the season, Hale Mercantile Co. linen sheets and bedding will become softer and more relaxed over time. Our linen is pre-shrunk and pre-washed ensuring the product retains its original quality from that first wash. Designed with a relaxed textural appeal, Hale Mercantile Co linens require no more than a simple warm machine wash and medium tumble dry. No ironing needed. How easy is that?

The textural quality of our bed and household linen is perfect for styling with our signature finishes in Flocca, Basix and Kristine. Each range is designed to work seamlessly together allowing you a myriad of combinations and styles to choose from. Our linen sheets and linen duvet covers are the perfect pieces for layering, ruching and draping on your bed, creating a sumptuous haven you won’t want to leave! The beauty of linen's timeless appeal lies in its ability to work in any aesthetic, be it coast or country, period or urban contemporary.

The Hale Mercantile Co linen sheets palette is an extensive range of deliberately muted and earthy tones. We also incorporate accent hues to add a pop of colour where needed. Typically, our coastal clients like to work with Ayrton (white) and Petra (our stone hue) and blend it with neutrals such as Sable (sand), Kali (sandy grey), Nox (black melange) and Russo (clay). A linen duvet cover, partnered with the likes of a body cushion will always exude a relaxed vibe. But, if you are in a particularly warm location you can simply layer your bed with a linen flat sheet and one of our lightweight linen blend blankets which will be sure to add texture and interest to a bed.

If it is a country feel you want to create then it is best to work with warmer tones such as our Brun (Toffee melange), Sable (sand) and Cep (Mushroom). Feminine tones in pillows and cushions are also popular for a country scheme. Our Rosa (clay pink) is ideal or a deeper berry in Moro. For country styling you can also work with stripes. Work them into your scheme through cushions or standard and euro pillows. Our stripes are subtle and subdued, perfect to create your style without being too bold.

To work linen into an urban contemporary home it is best to create a more structured look. The texture in our pure linen sheets will still create a relaxed look, but structure by way of a more tightly made bed will speak to a contemporary aesthetic. The motto for modern is always 'less is more'. So, a double stack of standard pillows, coupled with a tightly pulled linen duvet and flat sheet against one of our slip cover linen bed heads will exude relaxed contemporary luxury whilst keeping it simple and minimal.