Tailored Luxury

Tailored Luxury

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Tailored Luxury

Achieving a look of timeless elegance calls for a balance of softness and structure, using considered styling and a few key pieces to elevate your home with comfort and detail. Starting with our signature classic neutrals such as light and sandy Sable, you can create a versatile foundation for a beautifully tailored look, with the subtle warmth of Carmel and rich accents of Brun and Bere providing tonal depth.

  Flocca Linen Duvet in SableFlocca Linen Flat Sheet in CarmelFlocca Linen Euro Pillowcase in BereBasix Stripe Cushion in Sable/Brun

Our tall profile bedhead provides elegant structure, standing high and anchoring a layered bedscape. From here, pillow configuration can play a fundamental role in achieving a tailored look. The inclusion of European pillows towards the front adds height and a point of interest as well as balancing the all-important hierarchy, while cushions such as our 40 x 60 Basix stripe or our square Flocca linen cushion placed symmetrically add the perfect finish.

 Basix Bolster Cusion in Carmel/TempestFlocca Linen Cushion in BrunFlocca Linen Euro Pillowcase in Bere, Basix Linen Quilt in Sable, Flocca Linen Blanket in Bere, Basix Stripe Cushion in Sable/Brun

Folding a blanket or throw neatly to cover the end of the bed is a classical styling technique that not only offers structure but can also visually balance the bed, avoiding the optical illusion that occurs when a top-heavy bed appears to be sloping downward. As a final textural layer, the box waffle weave pattern featured throughout our Flocca linen blanket lends exquisite detail along with our signature Flocca hand-tufted edges.

 Double Linen Crush Throw in Russo/Sable

 British design. Exuding the hallmarks of elegant simplicity, its warm, neutral tones and soft sensibilities marry structure, practicality and versatility for a stylishly balanced look that transcends trends.

 Burberry Heritage

The work of British textile designer and forefather of the Arts and Crafts movement William Morris exhibits strong symmetry, repetition and pattern, yet his designs are organically driven and display curving, nature-inspired motifs. A timelessness permeates his work, with many of his designs still in production – and found in the most discerning homes – over 100 years later.

 Pattern by William Morris

Symmetry can be just as effective in a physical space as it is in a garment or textile, as demonstrated in this serene, pared-back interior by designer Christiane Lemieux. Cohesion creates a sense of calm, with emphasis on a restrained palette of warm, tonal hues and a subtle balance in the placement of lighting, artwork and furnishings. The result is a soft and organic space that is equally refined and contemporary.

Tonal interior by @christianelemieux