Seasonal Tablescapes

Seasonal Tablescapes

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Seasonal tablescapes

A shift in seasons presents the perfect opportunity to reimagine your table setting for the months ahead, taking inspiration from nature's changing palette and introducing textural layers and luxurious accents that bring a sense of occasion to every meal.

Flocca Linen Tablecloth in Fog, Basix Linen Napkin in Fog


There is no better time to invite the outdoors in, as abundant flowers offer up their colour and scent to enliven your festive table. Gather an assortment of smaller vases, adding a delicate bloom to each, or place a trail of jasmine along your runner as a fragrant centrepiece. Crockery in a simple glaze will keep the focus on the food and foliage, while a pure linen tablecloth in a fresh spring hue can be layered effortlessly with nature-inspired hues. 

Basix Linen Napkin in Ayrton/Russo


Long, balmy days call for a light and airy setting, with soft, warm neutrals such as Ayrton and Petra providing an effortless backdrop for earthy dinnerware and fuss-free decorations.  

Flocca Linen Tablecloth in Russo


From reddish-brown russet to burnt orange and ochre, the changing hues of the landscape at this magical time of year are the perfect complement to a warm, rich and earthy palette inside your home. Draping layers of pure linen in Russo, Carmel and Brun reflect the falling leaves outside, while natural, organic crockery and share platters encourage relaxed, family-style eating. As a finishing touch, polished pieces such as a candlestick or cutlery in copper or brass add elevated accents. 

Flocca Linen Tablecloth in Bere, Basix Linen Napkin, Basix Linen Runner


When the temperature drops, keep your tablescape cosy by shifting the palette away from the fresh whites of summer to rich, earthy hues and a touch of understated glamour and grandeur. For warm gatherings and intimate dinners, add a hint of structure with folded napery or napkin rings, creating a moody sense of ambience with candlelight and introducing natural, tactile accents such as pinecones for an understated festive touch.