Living Refresh

Living Refresh

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Living Refresh

Whether you're celebrating a new home, a new season or it's simply time for a change, giving your living space a makeover can elevate both your home and your mood. While we can't always paint the walls or introduce new furniture, there are some simple ways we can use colour, texture and styling to create a look that feels fresh and timeless. 

Interior: @emilygillis I Photography: @seanfennessy I Published: The Local Project. Featuring Basix Stripe Cushion in Nox/Sable and Flocca Linen Cushion in Sable 

Transform a space with soft furnishings

There is no simpler way to change the look and feel of a room than with the addition of cushions and throws, which can lend an elegant combination of comfort and practicality to your living space. Try draping a luxurious, textural throw such as our Crush Double Linen Throw over the back of your armchair or sofa, while ensuring you have a scattering of cosy cushions on hand to offer a personalised touch.

 Double Linen Crush Throw in Moro/Floss

Consider your coffee table

Our coffee table plays a bigger role in a living room design than we may expect, and while clutter is not necessarily a bad thing on a coffee table, it comes down to balance and placement. Large coffee table books make a style statement and are best stacked together to act as a base. Try to keep knickknacks to a minimum, using small, low bowls to keep bits 'n bobs organised and a rectangular or square tray to house your remotes, which can be easily gridded with your book stacks. Metal-match your lighting and other metal finishes, or tie in marble and stone with other elements in the room, for a cohesive look.

Interior: @heidiwoodmaninteriors I Photography: @nolcal

Play with layouts 

Don’t be afraid of trying new layouts and combinations by shuffling furniture and other items around the room to create different vignettes, whether it be a small collection of objects on a mantlepiece or a larger arrangement of textiles and decor. While you may end up back where you started, a fresh perspective can help identify where something could be improved with a new addition, or you might find that a small tweak can unexpectedly make a stark corner feel cosy and inviting. 

The Pad, published: The Havenist  I  Architecture: Suzanne Hunt Architect  I  Stylist: Anna Flanders Photography: Dion Robeson  I Linen purchased through Editeur. Featuring: Flocca Linen Blanket in Fog 

Bring the outdoors in

A touch of greenery can quickly freshen up a space, with indoor plants making a stunning table centrepiece or hanging feature while also improving air quality and overall wellbeing. Consider where your living room receives the most natural light throughout the day, and try a variety with rich, darker colouring or a delicate leaf such as a maidenhair fern for a sophisticated look. Be careful not to go overboard though – one or two should do the trick. 

Interiors by: Brahman Perera I Photographed by Lillie Thompson I HMCo Linen Purchased via Mondopiero. Featuring Flocca Linen Cushions


Create balance with art and curtains

Art is an effective way to balance a space by drawing the eye upwards, making a room appear bigger while bringing colour to a blank wall. Don’t be afraid of larger pieces, especially if you have a generous sofa or TV and a wall that can support a large piece. In addition to art, curtains can add height and depth to a living space, with a gentle, sheer linen such as our Basix Linen Curtain offering a timeless versatility that suits many interior styles.

Interior Design: Bryan O’Sullivan I  Photography: Helen Cathcar I Styling: Sara Mathers