Focus on Color: Moro

Focus on Color: Moro

You may have noticed various beautiful, rich tones of mulberry, plum and burgundy making an appearance in the interior design world in recent years, however these gorgeous hues are more than a passing trend. In addition to their discernible aesthetic appeal, these sumptuous and inviting shades are highly versatile, transcending all seasons and coordinating harmoniously with a wide range of colors to stunning effect. 

Our much loved Moro is our softened, muted mulberry shade, designed to mix and match exquisitely with our signature range of subdued, earthy hues. Moro pairs perfectly with both cool and warm shades – we particularly love it layered with our rich toffee tone Brun – and can instantly add vibrancy and a depth of character to a neutral palette. Mulberry is used by stylists and interior designers to imbue timeless yet statement-making color to any space, from deep and rich shades to subtle and subdued variations. 


Flocca Bedhead 'Short' in Moro, Flocca Body Cushion in Moro, Crush Double Throw in Moro/Floss.


In Sally Caroline's Palladiana Party makeover project, the designer took inspiration from the Melbourne bayside building's heritage as well as the owner's joyous and bold personality when she enlisted soft, muted tones including deep wine hues, pairing them with pink, green and gold to create a sense of playfulness and breathe new life into the historic home. 


 Palladiana Party, Interiors by Sally Caroline. Published in Belle Magazine and Est Living.


In Flack Studio's thoughtful interior design project that involved making over a 1930s Spanish mission beachfront home in Elwood, the designers introduced rich shades of mulberry everywhere from the walls to the carpet. Anything but traditional, the deep, sophisticated hue makes a style statement in the powder room, with mulberry tones offset by marble surfaces and warm, ambient lighting, proving that this shade can be both classic and modern. 


Elwood Residence by Flack Studio. Published in Vogue Living. Photo credit: Anson Smart. Featuring our Flocca Linen Hand Towel in Russo


YSG Studio's Dream Weaver project took an eccentric, futurist approach to transform the box-like residence looking over Sydney Harbor. Incorporating shades of bold mulberry and clashing hues and shapes soft rugs and furnishings, a clear juxtaposition against the honed, predominantly glazed contemporary dwelling.


Dream Weaver by YSG Studio. Published in AD Germany. IDEA Awards 2022  Photo credit: Prue Ruscoe


Whether you prefer a rich, decedent palette or grounded, earthy tones, the softened, muted mulberry hue Moro can add just the right amount of sumptuous color to your space. Explore our range of pure linen pieces available in Moro to discover which will work best for your home,  whether introducing a subtle mulberry touch with our hand-tufted Flocca Macaron Linen Cushion, or enriching your bedscape with a swathe of color by layering our Flocca Linen Flat Sheet with other soothing, muted hues. Whichever you choose, the enduring style of Moro will imbue your space with effortless elegance and beauty year-round.  


 Flocca Bedhead 'Short' in Moro, Flocca Duvet in Brun, Flocca Blanket in Bere and Crush Double Throw in Moro/Floss