Bringing Nature Inside

Bringing Nature Inside

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Creating a strong connection between your home’s indoor spaces and the outdoor world has many benefits, both aesthetic and practical. Inviting nature inside, whether through sunlight, leafy views or natural materials, can also be beneficial to your health and wellbeing, imbuing calm and clarity to your day-to-day routine and encouraging a restful night’s sleep.

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One of the most effective ways to create a cohesive relationship with the surrounding landscape is with glazing, which maximises views and natural light. Installing glass in a window or door, whether it be a large, dominating wall, a cleverly positioned skylight, or a subtle pigeonhole window in an unexpected place, can immediately create a feeling of openness in even the smallest of spaces.

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Not only is a lush outlook visually pleasing, but studies also show even brief exposure to natural views can have a restorative effect on mental fatigue. To connect your house and garden, our soft and sheer Basix Linen Curtains enable unobstructed views and allow natural light to filter through while still offering privacy. They’re also a perfect tool to soften window frames and interior walls.

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Natural, breathable pure linen bedding and accessories can help to balance glass windows and doors by softening sharp angles and smooth surfaces. Our richly textured Flocca Linen Blanket or Crush Linen Throw are adaptable pieces you’ll be reaching for many times throughout all seasons, adding a textural layer to your duvet or making a sumptuous addition to the back of your sofa.

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A nature-inspired colour palette can evoke the feeling of the outdoors by reflecting similar tones, from the verdant green of our Armee hue to the serene and oceanic Mare. Combine this with textural, natural materials such as clay, timber and pure linen, along with the air-purifying qualities of indoor plants, for a sensory-rich experience that can have a soothing effect through both sight and touch. With a few simple design ideas, you can create a restorative indoor oasis that feels seamlessly connected to nature.