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Ritual & Retreat

Home should be a place that inspires calm and relaxation, a safe haven after a busy day. With simple design considerations and a few thoughtful additions to your bedroom and bathroom, you can create a luxurious sanctuary that elevates everyday routines into rituals of comfort and pleasure and provides a beautiful space for rest. 

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In any room, a tonal palette and natural materials offer an immediate feeling of tranquillity, while gentle curves and organic shapes are best complemented with raw, textural touches that imbue rich sensory appeal. In the bedroom, look to soft and breathable pure linen sheets for an unsurpassed sleep experience, evoking a quintessential European look of easy elegance that can be layered up or down to suit all seasons. 

Flocca Linen Duvet in Petra, Flocca Linen Flat Sheet in Ayrton

The natural fibres of pure linen provide a cool, dry feeling year-round, offering superior sleep qualities by capturing warmth in the winter months while being wonderfully breathable in the summer. Our range of pure linen bedding has been pre-shrunk and pre-washed, with the fabric becoming softer and more relaxed over time and with every wash.

Flocca Linen Blanket in Fog

For a spa-like experience in the privacy of your home, there is no better fabric to envelop yourself in after a shower or bath than sumptuous pure linen. As one of the world's most ancient textiles, the traditional use of linen towels in Scandinavian bathhouses demonstrates its ability to bring a soothing experience to your bathroom and a nurturing sense of hygge to your daily self-care routine.

Cliff House: @jam_interiors I Photography: @caitlinmillsphotography I Published: Home Beautiful I Featured: Flocca Linen Hand Towel in Fog

Our 100% pure European linen towels offer superior absorbency and breathability, while our classic waffle weave design also features gentle exfoliating properties that rejuvenate the skin by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new cell growth, leaving you feeling radiant. Our Flocca bath linen range is the perfect complement to a contemporary bathroom, with the coolness of marble, stone and concrete gently warmed and softened by the natural beauty of linen. 

Flocca Linen Bath Towel in Fog