Beige Beauty

Beige Beauty

While beige may have a reputation for being bland, taking a fresh perspective on this diverse and adaptable colour spectrum can imbue classic style and sophistication to your space. Ranging from bright whites to warm, earthy hues, there's a shade to suit any interior scheme, and understanding the balance and variations will allow you to achieve a brilliant tonal blend or concept featuring a beautiful beige palette.

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A key tip when building a beige interior scheme is to first choose your primary colour, which will usually be your wall colour. From here, work your way out into the rest of your space to set the tone and decide whether it will be lighter or darker than your primary hue of choice. Identify what resonates with you when choosing your scheme – the two predominant looks that most often utilise a beige colour palette are 'rustic' and 'refined'.

A rustic look includes a number of blended textural elements that tend to be earthy and organic in nature, for example limewash, timber grain and tactile fabrics such as linen and boucle wool. This look might also feature shades on the darker end of the spectrum such as buttery caramel and tan to add warmth and interest.

Interior: @stateofcraft I Photography: @studio_rochowski

A refined scheme leans towards a more light and sophisticated aesthetic, with polished or uniform finishes for a high-end, tranquil feel. Think velvet and stone or painted and lacquered surfaces, with colours from the lighter end of the spectrum such as fresh whites and creams complemented by cool marble and polished brass for modern accents.

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The considered layering of textiles is important whether your look is rustic or refined, helping to soften the edges and providing subtle definition. Though your eye may not immediate identify it on entering a room, a subtle tactile quality can transform the overall feel of the room and create a welcoming atmosphere in an otherwise minimal space.

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Choose an accent or hard surface such as lighting and side tables in black, dark brown or a polished metal to provide visual relief, and don’t rush the process – build up your elements until you are happy. It can help to create a moodboard of things you like – images, fabric swatches and colour palettes – and try to get samples where you can as things can always look different online or in different light.